Gatherings (worship)

Sunday mornings at Emmorton Elementary

Sunday mornings are for more than worship. It’s an opportunity for us to build community, to reconnect with one another. It’s a gathering of our Life Groups, allowing us to get big while remaining small.

Renting a school gives us a four hour block (8:00 to noon) to unpack, do our gathering stuff and pack up. So here’s how the mornings are structured and what you can expect if you join us . . .

8:00 – set-up and prayer, the core leadership team meets on the fly while we set up, we have fun as we involve our children in helping to turn a cafeteria into a gathering space and the gym into a safe place for children (child care is available from 8:00 to noon if you have little ones.)> we can always use help with set-uo but if you can’t join us that early the heart of our worship starts at . . .

9:30 – casual worship – think participation! have an instrument? bring it. made a worship video? show it. write a poem? read it. Share your story of God at work in you or listen to others and have your faith encouraged.  We use The Table Project (more on this elsewhere) and Facebook to collaborate on the worship theme and bring the best ideas to share during this time. Families with children worship together.  Some of our kids dance to the music.  They listen to the words and express -though motions – the worship songs they are hearing.

10:05 – fellowship and kid check-in time – we’ll take a break, grab some coffee or warm up the cup you brought with you.  start a conversation with someone you just met or catch up with your friends, and don’t forget to check your kids into Kid’s Jam – our children’s worship expereince.

10:20 – teaching and equipping – time to hear the Word and apply the Word, we’ll use media – video, drama, prezi, etc. to learn and grow in our faith, the time is casual and interactive

10:45 – (occasionally) community-building breakouts – a time for discipleship and team building as we learn how to “bear fruit” as The Vine. We’ll spend time discovering our personal mission, affinities, spiritual gifts, how we fit together as a team, training on the tools we’ll be using, planning events, etc.

10:50- communion – every Sunday! we promise

11:00 pack up – another opportunity to use our hands to serve and worship

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