The Vine is a “campus” of Bel Air United Methodist Church. “Campus” is in quotes because we are really a church without walls. We gather on Sunday mornings at Emmorton Elementary for worship, fellowship and formation, but the heart of our faith community is really in the home and marketplace. We have been called to “go” – to serve our community and neighbors. Our mission is to love others into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to share all God has given us with our world. We are a ragtag collection of Christ-followers who hunger, more than anything, to connect with the True Vine – Jesus Christ (John 15), and who deeply desire to connect others to him as well.

We’d love for you to join us. The Vine is more than Sunday morning worship. It is a new/ancient way of doing church drawing on the rich streams of tradition that have fueled the Church for centuries. We believe individual and cultural transformation will occur when God’s people love, truly love, the way Jesus loved. If you want to be challenged, if you want your faith to grow through action and contemplation, then join with us. Connect to The Vine.

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