Life Groups

Forget the picture of a small group of adults who meet once a week for Bible study and little else.  Life groups “do life together.”  Picture people sharing in activities, meals, special events, ministry and mission as well as spiritual formation – growing together, developing deep friendships.

Groups meet weekly or biweekly for spiritual formation and fellowship.  They take turns ministering to our children, setting up worship, and providing hospitality on Sunday mornings.  And once a month, they will focus outward to serve our community – meeting the needs of our neighbors.

Our Life Groups are “missional.” Group members look for opportunities to invite those they encounter to connect to The Vine through worship, life group, social justice events or fellowship activities.  We value relationship building.

We want to have fun together, living joyful lives as we serve others and love the people around us into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We want to grow in our love of God and love of others.  We see no other way to make this happen than with thriving life groups.  The Church, through Jesus Christ, can do community better than any other organization on the planet.

Picture deep friendships and shared life.  It won’t happen unless you say “yes!”  The Vine’s leadership is committed to helping you become the parent, spouse, neighbor, co-worker . . . Christ rescued you to become.  Jesus is the True Vine. Let’s connect to him and to one another as we do life together.  If we connect to Christ, we’ll have a fruitful life and faith community.

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