Heading Home

It’s been a great two and a half year run – meeting at Emmorton Elementary School and finding creative ways to serve our community.  Community and Communion and Mission are in our DNA.

But one thing is changing . . . If you show up at 9:30 at Emmorton Elementary School to worship with the Vine, you won’t find us!

We’ve moved.

Back to main campus and to the 11:00 worship service at Bel Air United Methodist Church from whence we came.

We’ll still be doing Communion and Community and Mission – just from a new/old venue.

And you are still welcome to join us.

Here’s a link to our main campus . . .  Bel Air UMC.

We’ll keep the light on for you.

Let us know if you have questions.

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Welcome to The Vine

We are designed by God for relationships – with God, and with one another. Life is just too hard to get through effectively on our own. It can get lonely! We need God. And we need others to get us, to hear us, to value us, to share life with us in authentic ways.

The essence of needing God and others is defined by two words – Communion and Community. We are all wired for Communion with God – a “God-shaped hole” that only God can fill, and wired for shared life – Community – a place to belong – warts and all with no strings attached.  The Vine is a rag-tag collection of imperfect people seeking to live out Communion and Community the way God intended.

But God also calls us to one more element that forms us and completes us.  That element is Mission – being sent to share the rich life of Communion and Community with our world – serving and loving others into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Mission is about bringing reconciliation, peace, restoration and healing to our world just like our founder – Jesus.

The one thing Jesus talked about more than any other topic when he was on this planet is the Kingdom of God – the inward and outward expression of a life lived with the values, practices and ethic that God desires for all of humanity.  We’re trying to figure out how to live this Kingdom life in the 21st Century – a life of Communion, Community and Mission.

If you’d like to walk this path with us, and learn with us, and grow with us, then please connect to The Vine.  Those three big buttons at the top of the page will link you to our active online community.  Click on the calendar to get a quick view of our major and ongoing events/ministries.  Visit our Facebook page where you can catch a glimpse of our ongoing mission and, by liking us, get updates on Vine events and activities.  The Table Project is our safe place to request prayer and seek spiritual guidance away from the Facebook crowd.   You are welcome to join  – just submit your email and wait for instructions.

You would be more than a blessing to join with us.  Explore this website – send an email – ask questions.  We’d welcome the opportunity to share life together.

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The Genesis of our Web Site

lots of work to be done on content, links, graphics, menu and buttons . . .   while we get this site built, please click the “Connect” button (first button on right) to see our current events or click the link to go to our blog . . .http://connect-to-the-vine.blogspot.com/


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