Our Values

Hey – we like metaphors – especially organic metaphors.  We  sense God calling the people of The Vine to be “sowers.”  Sowers of grace – Sowers of God’s love – Sowers of God’s story found in Jesus Christ.  And these are the values out of which we will enter into God’s multiplication movement . . .

Spiritual Transformation is expected. The Vine is committed to mentoring and coaching persons in a deeply connected relationship with Jesus Christ (spiritual formation, spiritual disciplines, customized devotional life, using technology, SOAP, the art of prayer, the practice of the presence – learning to listen)

Outward Focus is essential and flows naturally out of Christ’s love for us. We share. We show mercy.  We are an intentional missional community, being incarnational.

Worship is a way of life, not a Sunday morning exercise. We are created to bring glory to God – living as God intended.

Empowered Service completes and unifies us. All Christ followers are called to ministry. The Vine’s leadership is committed to helping our people to discern their life mission and to equip them for life service.

Risk-taking has its rewards. We become relevant by discerning needs and risking entering into relationship to meet those needs. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

Sharing Community is God’s plan for humanity. We are constantly called to become deeply connected to one another – serving, sharing, playing, praying, reaching out – doing life together.

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